AMOA-STOWERS, Anastacia (Class of 2007), Assistant Chief Executive Officer, Maritime Policy Administration and Regulation, Ministry of Works, Transport and Infrastructure, Level 4, TATTE Building, Sogi, Samoa

Tel: (685) 216 11 ext. 2014 or (685) 221 41 or (685) 22123; Fax: (685) 226 71

Emailanastacia [dot] amoa [at] gmail [dot] com or anastacia [dot] amoa [at] mwti [dot] gov [dot] ws  or maritime [at] mwti [dot] gov [dot] ws

Dissertation: Regional and National Responses to Maritime Security Threats in Pacific Small Islands Developing States: Samoa's Case

Drafting Project: Prevention and Suppression of Terrorism Amendment Act 2007


AMOA, Johan Fred (Class of 1990), Secretary for Justice, President of the Samoa Seafarers' Union, Department of Justice and Border Control, Government of Nauru, Nauru

Tel: (674) 4443 133; Fax: (674) 4443 832

Email: fred [dot] amoa [at] quicksilver [dot] net [dot] nz

Dissertation: The Case for International Legal Aid in Dispute Settlement

Drafting Project: Marine Pollution Prevention and Control Bill, 1990


KWAN, Kerryn M. (Class of 2006), Secretariat Coordinator, Pacific Islands Law Officers Network (PILON), P.O. Box 114, Level I, FMFM Building, Apia, Samoa

Tel: (685) 235 89; Mob: (685) 7785 065

Emailkkwan [dot] mfla [at] gmail [dot] com

Dissertation: A Review of the Noumea Convention 1986 and its Contribution to the South Pacific Region's Marine Environmental Protection

Drafting Project: Prevention of Marine Pollution by Dumping Act


LATU, Kosimiki M. G. (Class of 1992), Director-General of the Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP), P.O. Box 240, Apia, Samoa

Tel: (685) 21 929 Fax: (685) 20 231

Emailkosi [at] sprep [dot] org

Dissertation: Port State Control of Vessel Source Pollution Through Regional Co-operation: A South Pacific Perspective

Drafting Project: Western Samoa, Marine Pollution (Prevention and Control) Act, 1992


TUFUGA, Fagaloa L.S.R. (Class of 1997), Maritime Legal Consultant, Tufuga Law Firm and Consultancy, Level 2, Maxkar House, Convent Street, Saleufi, Apia, P.O. Box 427, Samoa

Tel: (685) 274 30 or (685) 274 31; Mob: (685) 7279 054 or (685) 7579 054

EmailFagaloaT [at] spc [dot] int or tufuga [dot] fagaloa [at] gmail [dot] com or fagaloa [at] tufugalaw [dot] ws

Dissertation: Delimitation of the Maritime Boundaries Appertaining to Island States: The Western Samoan Perspective

Drafting Project: Carriage of Goods by Sea Bill 1997


TAFUA-RIVERS, Constance Anne (Class of 2011), Associate Public Solicitor, Commercial and International Law, Civil Division, P.O. Box 20, Government Building, Apia, Samoa

Tel: (685) 202 95; Fax: (658) 221 18

Emailconstrancetr [at] ag [dot] gov [dot] ws or conitr [at] gmail [dot] com

Dissertation: Ro-Ro Safety in the Pacific Region – A Critical Analysis of the Adopted Regulatory Regime with Emphasis on Samoa

Drafting Project: Shipping Amendment (Wreck Removal) Bill 2011

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