Mr. Majid Tazam

Iran, Class of 2019-2020

Studying in IMLI was always on my top “to-do list” in life, which came to reality with the generous support of The Nippon Foundation and IMLI academics to whom I am indebted for the rest of my life. From the very moment of inauguration, I realized that it is not like any other professional or academic experience I have ever had or may have in the future. On one hand, the diversity of bright students, from more than 30 countries with different legal systems, and professional experiences and on the other hand, a comprehensive curriculum covering public and private maritime law which is proficiently tailored with superb professors and brilliant lecturers. I should add the perfect cherry-picked visiting professors and lecturers. Should one appreciate the opportunity, every single moment in IMLI is golden to perceive the extensive and detailed knowledge. IMLI is one of the pioneer educational institutes to promote international maritime law, particularly for the benefit of developing countries which may lack the expertise. Nonetheless, it is not just another law institute, IMLI is a mother, who loves her students and enlightens them with humanity, tolerance, kindness, sympathy, and understanding. Indeed, The Nippon Foundation by supporting students and sending them to IMLI, builds trustworthy maritime legal experts who also have the heart for humanity, and love for the environment. Long Live, IMLI.