Ms. Nicole D. Martin

Antigua and Barbuda, Class of 2017-2018
IMLI has provided me the substantive international maritime knowledge and practical skills which will enable me to make contributions to Antigua and Barbuda’s Department of Marine Services and Merchant Shipping (ADOMS). I am better prepared to assist ADOMS’ goals to promulgate efficiency and effectiveness in its maritime administration and planning. I have obtained a broader […]

Ms. Aynur Jafarova

Azerbaijan, Class of 2017-2018
The studies at IMLI will help me to make the highest contributions to our Government, especially to the State Maritime Administration where I am working. The knowledge received as a maritime lawyer will assist me in dealing with the problems which arise from the lack of experts in maritime field and also will present me […]

Ms. Aya Kamal Ibrahim

Egypt, Class of 2017-2018
IMLI studies gave me a deep understanding of the international maritime law aspects. The IMLI training assisted me in acquiring better legal skills and to deal with the developments in the international maritime law. The studies at IMLI introduced me to the current challenges in the marine environment conservation and its effects on the whole […]

Ms. Agnes Gaotee

Solomon Islands, Class of 2017-2018
It is an honour to express my gratitude to IMLI and The Republic of Korea for pledging their trust to me, to apply to the Institute, and consider me as a deserving candidate to pursue studies in the Institute’s Master of Humanities (M.Hum.) programme International Maritime Legislation. Training at IMLI was an experience beyond expectations. […]