The operating costs of the Institute are met through voluntary contributions from governments, companies, foundations, and international development assistance organizations.

IMLI requires funding to enable the further consolidation of its institutional stability and security in particular to support:

  • Its core staff
  • Fellowships for Government Nominated Officials particularly from developing States
  • Cost of visiting lecturers
  • Consolidation of its library facilities and research programmes.

Government of Malta

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The Government of Malta has offered its generous support to the Institute since its inception. It provides IMLI with premises located on the University of Malta Campus. The premises include an administration building (where the lecture hall, library, students’ common room, and administrative offices are located), and student accommodation adjacent to the administration building.The Honourable […]

The Nippon Foundation

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IMLI and The Nippon Foundation established in 2003 a joint Project entitled “Human Resources Development Project for the Advancement of a More Effective Legal Order for the Oceans”. The aim of this common undertaking is to contribute to the promotion, adoption, effective implementation and enforcement of international maritime conventions adopted under the aegis of the […]

The Lloyd’s Register Foundation

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Lloyd’s Register Foundation (LRF), is a UK registered charity and sole shareholder of Lloyd’s Register Group Ltd. and invests in science, engineering and technology for public benefit, worldwide. Set up in 2012, its public benefit history dates back to 1760 through Lloyd’s Register. The Foundation is also building on the work of The Lloyd’s Register Educational […]

ITF Seafarer’s Trust

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ITF Seafarers’ Trust who signed in 2019 a Cooperation Agreement with IMLI wherein the Trust committed to provide for the period 2019-2024 five fellowships yearly to deserving nominated candidates applying to IMLI’s LL.M. and M.Hum. programmes. In addition, the Trust has supported the teaching activities of the Institute through visits of Trust’s officials who lecture […]