Programmes and Courses

Programmes and Courses

The Institute offers a variety of programmes and courses:

  1. IMLI offers a programme leading to the degree of Master of Laws (LL.M.) in International Maritime Law. The main purpose of the programme is to train legal advisers in relevant areas of international maritime law, including the law of the sea, marine environmental law, maritime security law, and shipping law. The duration of the programme is one academic year, beginning in mid-September and ending in May of the following year. The programme is intensive and features taught courses, research work and a number of field trips. Particular emphasis is placed on the acquisition by students of legislative drafting skills for the incorporation and implementation of international instruments, especially those developed by IMO, into domestic legislation.
  1. IMLI offers a programme leading to the degree of Master of Humanities (M.HUM.) in International Maritime Legislation. The programme is open to candidates who hold an undergraduate degree from a recognized university or other academic institution in a related discipline to international maritime law. The M.Hum. programme was established to meet the needs of States to have trained specialists in international maritime law, especially legislative drafting, to effectively discharge their obligations and ensure that national legislation meets the international standards adopted by the IMO and other international organizations. 
  1. IMLI offers a Research Degree programme leading to the award of the Degree of Magister Juris (M.Jur.) in International Maritime Law and the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in International Maritime Law. Candidates are expected to undergo their studies in IMLI’s Research Degree programme with a high degree of independence; thus, the programme can be largely undertaken from abroad. Candidates are assigned individual academic supervisors drawn from a list of internationally recognized experts.
  1. IMLI also offers an Advanced Diploma programme in International Maritime Law. Distinguished for its flexibility, this programme is designed to benefit professionals involved in maritime practice both in the private and in the public sector (including at the most senior levels) who, because of their careers, are unable to be away from their jobs for a longer period of time. The programme is based on a credit system and can be undertaken between one and five years.
  1. The Institute offers short courses throughout the academic year. These self-contained courses form part of the Master’s programmes modular system and are designed for applicants who are not able to attend IMLI for a whole academic year or for longer periods and are particularly interested in a specific area of the law.

IMLI has often been required by governmental and international bodies to organize specialized short courses, which focus on subjects covered by the IMLI academic syllabi. In such cases courses are tailor-made to meet the specific requirements of the organizers and inform them of the latest developments on the law in their areas of interest.

IMLI Academic Regulations pertaining to the above programmes can be accessed here

Co-operation Programmes

The IMO International Maritime Law Institute (IMLI) and the World Maritime University (WMU), both established under the auspices of IMO, have launched a joint Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.) programme in International Maritime Law and Ocean Policy. This unique, two-year programme commenced in September 2017.  During the first year of the M.Phil. programme, students will attend IMLI with courses focusing on international maritime law, including law of the sea, shipping law, marine environmental law, and maritime security law. The second year of studies will be completed at WMU where students will pursue studies in ocean policy with a particular focus on sustainability, governance and management. Completion of the programme will require a successful dissertation on a suitable topic, reflecting the needs of students’ home countries and / or regions in sustainable and effective ocean governance.

IMLI and Queen Mary University of London have established a Co-operative two-year IMLI Queen Mary Master’s degree programme on International Maritime Law and Immigration Law. The two institutions recognize that the challenges posed by the increased immigration, especially by sea, have necessitated the adoption of adequate response mechanisms at a national, regional, and international level. The programme aims to sensitize its participants on the importance of international rules and regulations regarding immigration by sea and their effective implementation into domestic legislation. The programme will entail one year of studies in London, with students undertaking the Queen Mary LL.M. in Immigration Law, and one year in Malta, undertaking IMLI’s LL.M. programme in International Maritime Law.

IMLI's Master's Programmes Brochure for 2023 can be accessed here.