Ms. Agnes Gaotee

Solomon Islands, Class of 2017-2018

It is an honour to express my gratitude to IMLI and The Republic of Korea for pledging their trust to me, to apply to the Institute, and consider me as a deserving candidate to pursue studies in the Institute’s Master of Humanities (M.Hum.) programme International Maritime Legislation. Training at IMLI was an experience beyond expectations. Before joining the Institute, I had been more involved in policy issues and had worked on very few international conventions. Discharging efficiently these obligations had proved a challenge due to the nature and objective of an international convention which the country was prepared to ratify or accede to and to prepare national laws that would fully implement the obligations arising therefrom. Training at IMLI therefore was a wonderful opportunity which was unique not only to one of the few Solomon Islands female administrators involved in the maritime industry but also to a country which very few knew where was on the map and which was trying its best to improve the maritime sector. My lecturers were my guide and my mentors. They helped me understand international maritime law, think outside the box and carry out research in areas completely unknown to me. The international environment of my classmates introduced me to new cultures and backgrounds. Most of all, I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity to do the newly introduced program of the Institution that was designed for non- lawyers. Indeed, words are not sufficient to express my gratitude. May this support continue and may it affect the lives of many other generations.