Ms. Dericka Marie-Rachelle Figaro

Seychelles, Class of 2019-2020

Studying at IMLI has been a unique, wonderful and enriching experience of a lifetime. The environment of learning was conducive and inspiring. We were taught by dedicated lecturers who passionately shared their love for international maritime law. Every day was a new learning experience and our mind was sailing on this beautiful journey despite stormy seas. Furthermore, IMLI has given us the opportunity to meet professionals from around the world contributing further to our growth, connect and build a diverse professional network. However, I believe IMLI is more than just academic and professional development; IMLI had brought us together as a family, and irrespective of where we came from we shared common values among each other. Long Live IMLI within us! Personally, in addition to the vast knowledge imparted in us, skills in legal writing and drafting, I have gained a deeper appreciation for the maritime sector, its contribution to the global economy, and the need for Member States to meet their international obligations under IMO conventions. For this reason, I look forward to serving my country, Seychelles, in the development of its maritime sector and continue to serve the rule of international maritime law. I am proud to have studied at IMLI and the contribution it has made to my life. Undoubtedly, this was made possible by the generous scholarship of The Nippon Foundation. I wish to express my sincere gratitude to The Nippon Foundation for this unique opportunity. Thank you!