Ms. Mayla N. Macadawan

Philippines, Class of 2019-2020

It is my great honour to be included in the few select students who benefitted from the grant of The Nippon Foundation. Being part of the prestigious list of IMLI’s roll of maritime professionals alongside other maritime experts in almost 150 nations is an incredible achievement. This privilege will not be possible without the generosity of The Nippon Foundation. My journey at IMLI was life-changing. The overall experience was challenging yet fulfilling. Not even the threat of COVID-19 pandemic could suppress the excitement of learning new things, refreshing the obsolete knowledge, and reaffirming what I already know. I am thankful to the pool of distinguished professors and lecturers who are well-known international maritime law experts, and the diverse multi-cultural participants from 32 nations who made the learning process fascinating and interactive. The Class of 2019-2020 is the largest batch as yet produced by IMLI that premiered the first online class and pioneered online assessment, which I refer to as the silver lining of COVID-19 pandemic that will open a floodgate of endless opportunities and possibilities to IMLI in the future. As a Deputy Executive Director, in command of running the affairs of the Philippines’ only government – owned maritime training, assessment, and research center in the country, my contribution is crucial to the development of future global maritime professionals. My exposure to international laws creates a ripple of positive changes that will impact the Philippine maritime industry. The knowledge and skills I gained will be beneficial in the development and implementation of Philippine maritime laws wherein international maritime laws and conventions are translated into national policies and programs of the Government. My profound appreciation and deep gratitude to The Nippon Foundation and the IMLI-NF partnership for this incredible journey. Without a doubt, the experience and knowledge I gained at IMLI are significant in my field of work, contributing to the Philippine maritime development. Thank you very much Nippon Foundation for your trust and confidence and more power to you.