How to Apply

All candidates must complete the Application Form. This form must be accompanied by:


(a) the Nomination Form duly completed, signed and stamped by the nominating authority (in case of a nominated candidate);


(b) copies of the University degrees held by the candidate officially authenticated by the University concerned;


(c) a copy of the certificate of proficiency in English held by the candidate from either the International English Language testing System (IELTS); Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency; Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL); or a statement by the candidate explaining the reasons why he deems he should be exempt from presenting such certificate;


(d) the Medical Report Form duly completed by a registered Government Medical Practitioner;


(e) a letter of intent written by the candidate stating the candidate’s reasons for applying to the LL.M. programme and his/her career objective. Candidates may use the Motivation Form included in the Application Package;


(f) two letters of reference covering the candidate’s ability to undertake the Master’s programme. Referees should be persons who are not related to the candidate and who are familiar with the candidate’s character and qualifications. Referees should use, where possible, the Reference Form provided in the Application Package;


(g) a non-refundable application and processing fee of €150;


(h) candidates who require financial assistance must also submit the Fellowship Application Form duly completed and signed by the applicant and the nominating authority. Application forms wherein financial assistance is required should be accompanied by payment of a non-refundable fellowship application fee of €200 in the form of a bank draft. This fellowship application fee is in addition to the processing fee of €150 provided for in paragraph (h) above. The fellowship application fee covers all administration costs incurred in approaching potential sponsors and seeking fellowship funding for the candidates.


For further details, please contact:
Ms. Elda Kazara-Belja 
Lecturer/Admissions Officer
IMO International Maritime Law Institute

University of Malta campus

Msida MSD 2080

Tel.: +356 21 319343, 310816, ext. 107
Fax: +356 21 343092
E-mail: admissions [at] imli [dot] org


Applications should be sent to:

The Director

IMO International Maritime Law Institute

University of Malta campus

Msida MSD 2080


Downloadable Application Package for the
2020-2021 LL.M. Programme:


- Nominated Candidates

- Self-Financed Candidates

Applications for the academic year 2020-2021 are now available. The deadline for application is 31 March 2020
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